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Acid resistant gloves

What kind of safety gloves can be called Acid Resistant Gloves? Gloves made ​​of natural rubber, nitrile, neoprene and PVC have good resistance to organic acid. Safety gloves made ​​from these materials also work well with weak solutions of inorganic acids. Key question: What kind of gloves to choose to work with concentrate inorganic acids? Resistance of safety gloves against mineral acids is shown in the following figures:

Letter "L" in the labeling of gloves according to EN 374 does not mean that the gloves can work with any acid. It means that the safety gloves have stood the test in sulfuric acid over 30 minutes. And if after 31 minutes the test was their destruction, these acid-resistant gloves can be recommended for protection from accidental splashes acid. The figures show that the PVC safety gloves work well in concentrated sulfuric acid. But in hydrochloric acid (50 %) will destroy them quickly. Nitrile safety gloves can be used to work with a weak solution of sulfuric acid. But working with concentrated sulfuric acid is dangerous (see video):     

So before choosing acid resistant gloves should carefully read the recommendations of the manufacturer and then should test in real production environment.